Top 10 Best Dog Food in India 2021 Review & Buyer Guides

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  • Types of dog foods available
  • Necessary/Unnecessary ingredients in dog food
  • Ready to make your own dog’s food


  • Orijen


best dog food in india

Orijen is reliable & trusted brand in the world.

It is the best dog food available in India.

Paying such a premium cost guarantees you premium

quality like

  • Free-run poultry
  • Ranch-raised meat
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Cage-free eggs

On the other hand, with 85% quality animal ingredients and up to 58%Being an international product, they make sure that  all quality standards are met.


  • Farmina N&D


best dog food

Another great product for the dog owner in India.

This product is often compared with Royal Canin.

However, it is way better than RC

The primary ingredients could be,

  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Quail

It is also known for being the best grain-free dog food for sensitive stomach.

It does not have any artificial preservative or food color or flavor.

So to be quick,

  • High-tech vacuum packaging
  • No additive color or preservative
  • Added vitamins
  • Best quality meat
  • Good for sensitive stomach


  • Arden Grange


best small dog food

Arden Grange is another great international product.

As a family run business, Arden Grange has been serving dog food since 1996.

  • Good Protein Content
  • Great for Sensitive Stomach
  • Healthy Grain Content






  • Hill’s Science



The best option for those looking for middle-class budget dog food.

Product contains omega-6 fatty acid which is good

for dogs healthy coats.Even they claims that your

dog’s coat will improvein just 30 days after

continuing with this food. Many reports said that

dogs like the taste, so if your dog likes it,you could

definitely go for Hill’s Science Plan.




  • Pro Plan


best dog food brand

Despite being a big brand, we aren’t that big

fan of Nestle’s Purina. But, there is an exception

when it comes to their Pro Plan variant. The major

ingredients in this consist of chicken products like

Dehydrated chicken, chicken oil, and hydrolyzed chicken proteins.

The product also includes cereals and cereal by-products majorly wheat and corn.

Now wheat and corn could be bad for your dogs if they have grain allergies.

The product also has fish products which are good for a dog’s healthy coat.

Talking about the nutritional value, it contains 29% proteins, 18% fats, 5% fibers.


  • Drools Focus


best dog food brand in india

Being an Indian dog food brand, the parent

company (IB Group) has spend a good year in providing

quality poultry & dairy products.Drool Focus tries to

maintain a good quality with at least 40% chickens,

whole dried eggs and long grain rice.Plus, it is well loved

by the four-legged consumer.Before buying this product,

you could also read our detailed review on Drools Focus Super

Premium Dog Food.



  • Royal Canin


best dog food for germen shepherd

Read our article on Royal Canin Honest Review.

Being one of the most famous dog food in India,

most dog owner adore this product. But, being older

brand doesn’t make it more reliable or better than other.

Rice as a main ingredient product that is better than wheat and corn.

Royal Canin Maxi contains 26% Proteins 17% Fats & 1-3% Crude Fiber.

It is easily available in the Indian dog food market as well with a good

number of the variant.Product is good value for money, but contains

a lot of by-products. If you having a good budget then you should

probably go for above products. Read our Honest Review on Royal Canin.



  • Himalaya


top dog food brand in india

Himalaya Dog Food is a little bit better than

pedigree when it comes to protein content. The product

also claims to be providing meat (for adults) and chicken (for puppies).

However, the quality of chicken/ meat is not specified in the label.

Product as true to its name, proudly claims that they have been using

various herbal plants like Giloy to increase immunity. There are other

herbs as well which is good for metabolism and liver health, making

this product best natural dog food in India.But like any other cheaper

dog food, this product also includes maize (corn), a filler as their major ingredient.

You could easily expect macro-nutrient of crude protein 24%, crude fiber 10% & fiber 5%

You could also check our detailed review on Himalaya Healthy Pet Food.


  • Pedigree


best dry dog food

The famous brand isn’t it!

Though every dog owner has heard this name,

Pedigree has some bad reviews as well. Product does

not provides enough nutrition to your pup with 20%

Protein, 10% Crude Fat & 5% Crude Fiber.,Pedigree do

contain corn as their primary ingredients, which  is cheaper

source of carbohydrate. It is said to not overfeed corn to any dog.

Product contains meat by-product, i.e. bones, intestine, beaks that

are non-edible. Due to this we do not recommend this product unless you have a serious budget issue.


  • Chappi


best dog food for big dogs

Chappi is a re-branded version of Chappie which

is still being sold in the United Kingdom. This product

contains corn as its primary ingredient. Corn doesn’t

provide any nutritional value to your dog. It is high in

carbohydrates and will surely make your dog obese if you feed.

it much. This dog food also contains meat by-products instead

of actual meat.That mean you could find protein made from beak, claws, nails, horn

and every other thing which is not eaten by humans out of animal husbandry.

Although many customers actually liked it. Maybe due to the low price or their dogs liked the taste. Some dog parents have also claimed good results from this product.

You could get 20 KG of this dog food under 2,500/- making it the  best budget dog food in India

We have an detailed honest review written on Chappi Dog Food.




Why can’t I feed my dog home-made food?


After going through our list, you may have thought, “Why can’t I just feed my dog home-made food?”

This is the question each one of us goes through.

Don’t worry, as we were in your shoes once. Being a first time dog parent could be confusing!

Let’s start with the basics then.

You must understand that a dog’s digestive system is very different from a human’s.

We have seen many dog owners feeding homemade food (mostly rice & milk) to their dogs.

best small dog food

Let’s be straight, these foods are enough to fill up a dog’s belly but won’t fulfill their nutrition requirement.

A dog’s body requires protein for the good development & maintenance of the muscles.

And this protein is also crucial in the growth stage and help pups with the new muscle development.

Now here’s a twist.

We humans could get proteins from various vegetarian sources as well like Paneer, Milk, Soya-bean, etc.

But for dogs these proteins are somewhat (not completely) uselessas their body couldn’t use it due to having a carnivore digestive system. A carnivore cannot strive well on plant proteins.


A best dog food satisfies all the protein needs of a dog with their animal based protein only.

Yet, many dog food manufacturers include plant proteins into their ingredients.

This significantly increases the crude protein stats of the product which companies could proudly promote.

However, plant protein contains less biological value.

Customers who know the benefits of the protein will happily buy the product based on the crude proteins percentage.

But, it won’t do that much good to their dog.

healthy dog food

While there won’t be any short-term consequences for this, it will surely harm your dog in longer term.

So investing in good dog food is a very important job.

Beside this, do you know that there are many foods we eat like onion & garlic that could be dangerous to our dogs & should be avoided?

For more info on those foods, check our article on Toxic dog food.


Tricks to choose the best dog food

Now, we have already listed our recommendation.

However, finding top dog food in India is not that difficult if you know the trick.

It is possible that in any other platform or market, you may come across a very appealing offer on some new dog food.

Then this technique will surely help you to decide if the dog food is worth buying.

It is very crucial for you to read the dog food ingredients, to know what you are going to feed your dog.

If the product doesn’t clearly mention any ingredients on its label then know that it mostly contains fillers for sure, as companies aren’t proud of what they are making.

This is just a cost effective product for people looking for a cheaper dog food option.

Some of the ingredients that you should be looking for are,

  • Animal Protein Source like meat, chicken, fish, duck, quail, etc (not by-products)
  • Complex Carbs (Whole grain like Oats, Barley, Brown rice which isn’t processed food)
  • Fruits and Vegetables (Cranberries, Carrot, Papaya, Mango, etc.)  to provide antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes & fibers)
  • Fatty acids as they are crucial for your dogs healthy coats. (Omega 3 & 6)


Is there any home-made dog food option?


Yes, there is!

Cooking your own dog food isn’t that tough! However, you must have a good knowledge about the food that are safe for your dog.

Just a little work and you could be the world’s greatest chef for your dog.

Start by boiling chicken to remove any parasite or bacteria like salmonella.

Complement the meal with one whole boiled or scrambled eggs.

Add up to 50% of any of the above dog food into that meal as it contains important additives like Omega 3 & 6 oil (good for coats), Oats, Turmeric, etc.

You could also check other dog food recipes here.

Remember adding fish oil to your dog food is important as the Omega 3 & 6 we talk about is richly present in it. If you have a breed like Huskies, German Shepherd having a dense coat then fish oil is could be beneficiary.

By feeding your dog this kind of home-made food, you protect them from various issues like joint pain, weaker bone, heart disease, breathing issues, kidney failure, and many other health problems.


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